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Ultherapy Hurricane WV

What To Expect | Ultherapy Hurricane WV

Just a Single Treatment

Just one non-invasive, non-surgical Ultherapy® treatment helps counteract the effects of time, gravity, and sun exposure without downtime.

The Ultherapy Treatment Experience

Before Your Treatment

The first thing you will want to do is schedule a one-on-one consultation with a Huntington Dermatology Ultherapy® dermatologist. During this session, your Huntington Dermatology Ultherapy® dermatologist will address your concerns, assess your skin, and determine if you are a candidate for the treatment.

Once you book your Ultherapy® procedure, you won’t need to follow any special preparations or skincare regimens in advance of the treatment.

To enhance your comfort, your practitioner may recommend that you take an over-the-counter or prescribed medication before the treatment.

During Your Treatment

After cleansing the skin and identifying the specific areas to be treated, your Huntington Dermatology Ultherapy® dermatologist will apply the ultrasound gel and place the smooth treatment applicator against your skin. Next, your provider will use Ultherapy®’s ® ultrasound imaging to first see deep within the skin to determine optimal placement of the treatment energy, and then deliver the focused ultrasound energy beneath the skin’s surface.

During the treatment delivery, you will feel tiny amounts of energy being deposited to precise depths, indicating that the collagen-building process has been initiated.

Comfort levels can vary from person to person, but the sensation only lasts while the energy is being delivered.

The length of your treatment will depend on the area being treated and your individual treatment plan. A face and neck procedure typically takes 60-90 minutes, while a chest treatment takes approximately 30 minutes.

After Your Treatment

With Ultherapy®, there is no downtime! You can return to your normal activities immediately after your procedure without any post-treatment restrictions or requirements.

Your skin might appear flushed at first, but the redness should disappear within a few hours. Some patient’s experience slight swelling, tingling, or tenderness to the touch, but these are mild and temporary in nature.

Other, less common post-procedural effects may include temporary bruising or numbness on small areas of skin. As with any medical procedure, there is the possibility for other rare effects, which your practitioner will review with you.

Sagging and drooping facial skin, crow lines, brow furrows, chest, chin, neck, and other facial skin areas are troublesome problems that a lot of people throughout Hurricane WV experience. With Huntington Dermatology’s non-invasive, non-surgical skin tightening treatment of Ultherapy®, people throughout Hurricane WV can now find relief. If you are interested in getting rid of those troublesome sagging skin areas, contact Huntington Dermatology by calling 304-523-5100.